French lifesavers on Aussie trip

AUSSIE, Aussie, Aussie, oui, oui, oui! Twelve French lifesavers on exchange at Maroochydore have found the experience to be hard work but rewarding.

Hosseger SLSC members Remy Dehuz and Stephanie Fourneix practice CPR on patient Richard Philaire yesterday at Maroochydore Beach under the watchful eye of fellow lifesavers.


LIFE is not the beach most would expect for 12 French lifesavers on exchange at Maroochydore.

The group of teenagers from Hossegor Beach on the south-west coast of France may have happily traded in the snow-covered tracks of home for two weeks of summer at one of the Coast’s most popular beaches.

But it has been work, work, work, according to onlookers relaxing at Maroochydore yesterday.

The group will participate in as many as they can of 20 training runs this week alongside Maroochydore’s surf lifesavers.

Maroochydore Surf Life Saving Club member Luke Short said the visit was the start of a friendship exchange between the Sunshine Coast club and Hossegor Surf Life Saving Club.

Mr Short said their guests included international surf life saving competitor Emmanuelle Bescher.

Ms Bescher is the manager of the touring squad alongside Sylvain Cantarel, and has been training with Clint Robinson and Steven Short throughout the summer.

Ms Bescher was the first to arrive on the Coast in October last year.

“It’s very windy here,” Ms Bescher said.

“At home we have a small shore break, so this is definitely something different.”

She will compete in the Australian Surf Life Saving titles next month at Kurrawa on the Gold Coast where she will be France’s best hope of claiming a medal.

Ms Bescher said she hoped the friendship between the two clubs would be ongoing for many years to come.

The Hossegor club will host a team from Maroochydore SLSC to challenge the giant waves of mythical surf break and Surfing World Championship Tour Event venue, La Nord.

Mr Short said the international guests hoped to fine-tune their skills for surf sports competition as well as gaining a better understanding of the surf lifesaving movement.